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Instagram Cookies From ‘Baking For Good’ Get A Bit Meta

Calling all Instagram fiends! We’ve found the perfect dessert for you technophile shutterbugs — cookies imprinted with edible versions of your favorite snapshots... (read more)

Insta-Addicts, Beware: You Can Now Eat Your Favorite Instagrams

We’ve been happily curating our favorite uses of Instagram since the get-go, and, we'll admit, we're pretty scarily addicted to the 'gram... (read more)

Insta-Addicts, Beware: You Can Now Eat Your Favorite Instagrams

I am a big believer that every woman should be an entrepreneur.  There are many businesses out there being funded and certainly some of them might have... (read more)

The Sweet Life: Talking with Baking for Good

Remember how it felt to host or volunteer at a bake sale or cakewalk event as a kid? As a lifelong baking enthusiast and entrepreneur... (read more)

This Online Bake Sale Makes Cookies Even Sweeter by Donating

Ask what her company,Baking for Good, is and she’ll explain how it’s an online gift giving site, online bakery and fundraising tool.... (read more)

Deliciously Generous Wedding Favors from Baking for Good

We already loved the idea of using Baking For Good's treats as charitable wedding favors... (read more)


We have always been the types to bake up a batch of cookies or brownies, pack them into an empty shoe box or oatmeal canister, and ship them off to friends in the place of actual material gifts... (read more)

Now You Can Eat Your Favorite Instagrams With the Baking for Good Insta-graham

Summer is coming to a close (sniff, tear) and if you’re like me, you’ve been adamantly documenting it via iPhone or more specifically, Instagram. ... (read more)

Baking for Good: A Little Sugar Goes a Long Way

The bake sale is the quintessential fundraiser, most people's earliest experience with social activism. Now, one company is taking the familiar childhood concept and turning it into a social enterprise for the grown-up world.... (read more)

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